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Using Korean made Ultra low volume misting machine, an innovative disinfection and hygienization system which allows to effectively decontaminate surfaces and environment

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No-Touch Disinfection Service

No-Touch Disinfection Service – allows to effectively decontaminate surfaces. Our misting machine will disperse the Cleeneco All Surface Disinfectant as an ultrafine mist to every targeted area, even the most difficult to reach ones. Since we are using No-Touch Disinfection system, it requires no rinse or wipe down, it means that there’s No Cross Contamination. The ultrafine mist evaporates leaving no moisture or humidity in the disinfected targets.

We Offer No-Touch Disinfection Service

For Home, Offices, BPO/Call Center, Warehouses, Conference Hall, Commercial Spaces, Personal and Commercial Vehicles and more.

Our machine disperses solution a Non-toxic, Non-corrosive, and 99.95% Biodegradable. Sanosil S006 uses a patented Swiss technology where Hydrogen Peroxide 3% is stabilized and boosted with elemental silver 0.006%, thus achieving a greatly improved effectiveness against micro-organisms. A synergistic combination produces a disinfectant.

Cleeneco Metropolis Cleaners All Surface Disinfectant

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We provide janitorial and specialized cleaning services for all types and sizes of complexes.

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We provide janitorial and specialized cleaning services for all types and sizes of complexes.

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We provide janitorial and specialized cleaning services for all types and sizes of complexes.


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Basic Cleaning is what is done at home or office on a regular basis.  Normal cleaning maintains a specific standard of cleanliness. It will ensure that the house appears arranged, tidy and hygienic. The activities included in normal cleaning are:

  • Vacuum cleaning of floors
  • Mopping using a cleaning liquid
  • Removing the garbage collected in the kitchen
  • Wiping of kitchen surfaces and removal of food remnants
  • General cleaning of bathrooms and toilette

Deep cleaning is intended to remove heavy dirt, grime, and scaling. One should carry out deep cleaning of the home or office at least once in six months. This will also include arranging the shelves, cupboards and other furniture. The deep cleaning company you hire will render you the following cleaning services:

  • Deep Cleaning of Carpet by shampooing
  • Deep Cleaning by Striping and Waxing of your resilient hard floors
  • Removal of scaling and thick dirt from the kitchen sink, scullery, toilet seats showerhead, taps tiles, kitchen surface and other areas
  • Removing sticky dirt and dust accumulated in the hidden areas behind furniture, cupboards, electronic appliances including fridge and washing machine
  • Washing of windows using a special liquid to remove dirt to make it appear new
  • Washing of verandah, balconies and other open areas
  • Washing the floors of all the rooms using anti-viral solutions
  • Cleaning the interiors of oven, fridges and washing machines (optional)

Since the general deep cleaning task is thorough and detailed it is labor/ time consuming, the cleaning services or cleaning company will charge more for deep cleaning than regular cleaning. Deep cleaning is undoubtedly an important activity to maintain your home and keep the inhabitants healthy.

  • A certified Cleeneco cleaning service partner
  • We Use eco-friendly and organic material to prevent harming the biosphere
  • We Offer guaranteed result
  • Convenient in Scheduling and rescheduling of cleaning
  • Responsible and dependable on our services
  • Experience team of professionals makes your world brighter and beautiful

Post-construction clean-up services will help your house make the transition from construction site to homestead. We are a residential and commercial maid service that delivers non-toxic and eco-friendly floor-to-ceiling house cleanings.

The process involves detailing and thorough process of vacuuming using high suction guns to absorb the stains and odors within each cloth and linen. Applicable to your sofa, chair, bed mattress and even carpet and other upholsteries.

Detailing a car interior involves a deep cleaning of the car’s cabin. Various materials, high-technology machines, and patented solutions have been used on vehicle interiors to give it its revamped look and its new aroma.

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